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halloween plans anyone?

it’s that time of year again, in with the scary and wicked for it is halloween. last year i reckoned jared is still too young to put on a costume for the annual trick or treat event in my office. this year, we will be going to a Jollibee Halloween event. no costumes yet as […]

baby boo boo

i had the biggest scare of my life yesterday morning when jared hit his chin on the glass center table in the living room. everyday before he takes his bath, my baby will walk/grope/toddle around the house, touching everything he sees along the way, exploring every nook and crannies of our home.  this day was […]

Ethan Jared Turns One! loot bags, giveaways, etc…

for jared’s kiddie lootbags, i preordered personalized pocoyo lootbags from chocolatefund (which i got for 16php each including a personalized card tag, which my bro, ken designed)   for the contents i asked my sis, cel, to buy these from divi. i included bubbles (jared’s favorite), personalized pocoyo stickers, mini coloring books and keychains (which […]