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happy new year to one + all

happy new year everyone!  2010 has been one heck of a year, my son turned one year old, thus i also celebrated my one year of mummyhood and what better way to celebrate that by starting my own blog! jared’s little corner of world… was initially set up to record my preparations and progress on […]

my johnson’s + johnson’s bassinet

i receive a text message from ms. trixie of nuffnang last december 21 telling me that my johnson’s and johnsons’ bassinet is now available for pick up from their bonifacio high street office. i told daddy to get it the next day. and just in time for christmas, i got my loot from october’s johnsons’ […]

play your way to donate free rice

“About a billion people in the world are hungry… This is one [problem] we  absolutely have the wherewithal,  the manpower,  the food,  the facilities  to actually  overcome.”             David Letterman it is good to note that, for this year, the number of hungry people on earth went down for the first time in […]