mums and tubs baby care club get together

all mums and tubs baby care club are cordially invited to joint the Lactacyd’s year ender get together. all members are allowed to bring her kid and a companion. there will be free ticket rides for the kids, a program with exciting games and prizes, a choir performance and a meet and greet with santa! so wear your christmas best and troop to fun ranch on december 12, at 1pm. 
exclusive for members only so if you are not yet a member simply click this button and sign up now. limited slots are available so  dial 408-8071 to pre-register, make haste and waste no more time.
see you there mums and tubs mummies!


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    Yay! I hope my kids and I can attend such events. We dont have the opportunity 🙁
    You should take lots of pictures when you attend various events like this 🙂


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