a green table from eq diapers

jared’s very first table premium item from eq dry diapers arrived last monday, finally! my first choice was the tiger table but they probably ran out of stock so they send me the green frog which is my second choice (now that i think about it, this is serendipitous, since the green frog can easily blend well with my son’s room colors. as for the orange tiger one, oohh, total clash really!)
the table is made up of eva foam material, it is fairly easy to assemble (imagine putting the pieces of a puzzle mat together and make it three-dimensional) and easy to clean too. all you have to do is wipe it with cloth soaked in soap or detergent, rinse, pat dry with a towel and your toddler can use it again. easy-peasy!

the cute little window on the side is ideal for stowing baby’s little trinkets like rattles and balls.  the table top, i am using to organize jared’s growing collection of books.

my only concern is that since it is made of foam, it isn’t sturdy enough to support the weight of my baby. am only too glad i didn’t request for a chair pair, jared might fall off of it! so mummies make sure to supervise your babies while playing with table.

i like the freebie, albeit late. thanks so much eq dry. will be looking forward to great giveaways like this in the future so i am stashing away all my wrappers to be sure i can join in a breeze the next time a contest is announced. i suggest you do the same.


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    that is so cool! freebie ba kamo? wow, i better start paying attention to those promos from now on. good job, jared's mum!

    Stopping by from my blog – Positive Kismet… to send you holiday cheer!
    I'm already a follower of your blog.
    Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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    pano ba maka-avail ng mga items nila sis?..

    Jared's Mum Says:

    sis, they usually announced their promos on their site, or a flyer is usually attached to a pack when you buy one. they have a new promo now, check out my post here for details. thanks for stopping by ^_^

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