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Sunday Stealing: The Ace Meme.02

Cheers to all of us thieves! 34. HAVE YOU BEEN OUT OF YOUR HOME COUNTRY? not yet but plans to do so in the future. 35. WEAKNESSES? food and babies. 37. FIRST JOB? cashier in a telecom shop 38. EVER DONE A PRANK CALL? nope, but i used to get a lot of ’em. 39. […]

mommy moments: dear daddy

dear daddy, i know that you are busy most of the time, having to work hard so i can continue to stay at home and look after our son. i appreciate all your efforts and i probably don’t tell you often, but thank you for providing for us. we only hope we could spend more […]

a book review – gray matter by david levy, md

i received this book from the mail a few days before Christmas, it took me awhile to post my review since childminding and Christmas and holiday preparations got in the way of my reading.  “Highly respected neurosurgeon Dr. David Levy pens Gray Matter, sharing his personal stories of faith, forgiveness, and the power of prayer. […]