mommy moments – love song

january flew by without notice and here comes february, long before we know it, valentine’s has come and gone and summer will be upon us..
but before that, here’s this week’s mommy moments’ theme, very much in line with the love month, love song for our little kids.

i’ve posted my favorite love song for my baby a few months back for another blog meme, angel’s lullabye by richard marx. i feel like this song epitomizes how i feel about my son. hope you like it:)


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    happy valentines!

    thanks for following me too!

    supermommyjem Says:

    I have listen to Angel's Lullaby by Richard Marx and its a great song as well with good lyrics. Happy Mommy Moments!

    was here from Mommy Moments… ilove those angels songs 🙂

    i didnt know this song before.. thanks for sharing it with us! 😀

    Happy Mommy Moments! 🙂

    hmmmm… not so familiar. thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for the share. I’d like to hear the song.


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