of winning an ipod touch + some amazing tilteed tees!

summer is almost upon us evident by the sweltering heat we are all experiencing when the sun is ablaze in the afternoons. this shirt best represents how i feel, of longing for the beach + sea creatures, of kicking my flip flops and burying my tired feet into the warm white sand, it’s purple haze reminds me of wild summer flowers + fun summer atmosphere, of mindoro slings, green mango shakes + delicious grilled squid stuffed with whole tomatoes + onions. sigh..i’d like to go on a vacation! or maybe i can just check these awesome Art T-Shirts to pass my time away….


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    naku, kame naghihintay palang ng spring… grabe ang lamig… masakit na sa katawan… huhuhu…

    visiting from WBFC and TBE! =)

    I checked the sites! I love the shirts! Hope I can come up with a T-shirt design that is worth the 500$ prize! I need to earn money, my son is attending school by June 🙂

    i love joining contests, i’m really addicted in contests. lol.


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