so goes my week…

our week was off to a bad start since jared caught the cold saturday of last week. it really annoyed him when he’s got colds: he becomes irritable + cries a lot, he hates taking medicine + it almost always lands on the floor (or in most cases, his clothes, his crib + our bed!)  in a pool of vomit + that adds up to the frustration (well not that i can blame him, i wouldn’t give him any if there is a better way to cure his colds!) imagine seeing your son struggling and freeing his tiny body away from you forcing him to take meds! he was crying + his nose is running, really not a pretty site + heartbreaking at the most + if only i can help it, i’d rather skip on the colds episodes instantly. 

on a lighter note, it was a moment of celebration for this blogger since i got my first moolahs via paid-posting, so i was $20 richer courtesy of this article, i had problems with technicalities on this post (remember i won a .info domain + had to transfer it to wp after using it in this blog for a while?) am only glad i had it rectified just in time for payday!yay!
i also got the book i requested from navpress, becoming a woman of influence by carol kent + will be reading it + posting a review after, soon as my schedules allows me to.
i’ve also got the tommy hilfiger loud perfume, my freebies from nuffnang (made a separate post on this one too)
on saturday, jared (who’s doing a little better now, thank god!) + i went to trinoma for the obm baby blast 2 event. jared had a great time playing at the play area + i enjoyed browsing around shops (there are just a few + i haven’t found a toy booth which is one of the reasons why i came in the first place) + listening to celebrity mummies (like patricia hizon, nikki valdez + gladys reyes) talk about tips and stuffs on all things baby, experts giving lectures on children’s care + nutrition, plus speakers from toddlers + playschools on benefits of enrolling babies with them + of early learning.

lani mercado giving tips on how to manage having quality time with the family
jared playing at the little lamb kiddie spa booth
our loot for the day vitamins from pfizer, a magazine, book mark + a calendar
it wasn’t a bad week all in all. how was your week?


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    cherry/rcgweniful Says:

    glad jared is ok now and congrats on your earnings=)

    Mommy Trish Says:

    dami blessings nakuha mo last week, sis! gusto ko din sana pumunta dyan sa obm event kaya lang hindi pwede ang aking hubby. hope your little boy's okay na.

    thanks for sharing your wonderful week, sis! 🙂

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