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friday fill-ins 2011.15

1. I love to walk with bare feet on hot white sands. 2. I have a foolproof way of chasing stress away, I break into a song and a smile. 3. It’s how you play the game that matters more that winning the game. 4. I’d rather hear the truth than deal with the agony […]

mommy moments: black or white?

this week, we are to post black and white photos of our babies, but alas, i didn’t find any since jared doesn’t have that much black stuffs (save for the black shorts we bought him some weeks ago) so i needed to improvise.  check out my handy work, it’s the first time i used gimp […]

jared’s fave: this is home by switchfoot

[youtube=] i enjoy watching this video over + over again, especially the part where aslan, the lion, will show up!i definitely love him + delights in watching him,i guess mum is delighted too, since she can go about her tasks, washing my feeding bottles most of the time, uninterrupted, well save for the time when […]