official entries to jared’s favorite things: first blog giveaway! updated


note: mum is updating this post to include those who’ve managed to update their entries to be included in the draw, these are indicated in bold letters. will be drawing in a few so please stay tuned, thanks 🙂

here is the official list of all those who joined our giveaway, for those who failed to indicate their preferred prize, you have until the end of the day to so, simply leave your comment with your updated url to notify my mum or send it via e-mail, we shall be doing the raffle tomorrow (sorry for the delay):

  • for musikgarten gc
    1. maricel
    2. divine
    3. pepper
    4. cherry
    5. fromamomspov
  •  for inflatable pool
    1. whambuddies
    2. melandriaromero
    3. vernz
    4. mamaholic_dory
    5. han abello
    6. chris
    7. gessa marie
    8. gagay
    9. christina_sunga
    10. kayce
    11. pinaymama
    12. shengkay
    13. luckyfinds
  •   those who did not indicate their preferred prize
    1. giay
    2. lexi
    3. luckyfinds
    4. milrose fajardo
    5. joanne gonzales 

    again, thanks to those who joined our simple giveaway, we plan to host more in the future (if my mum’s purse permits, that is!hehe!


8 Responses to “official entries to jared’s favorite things: first blog giveaway! updated”

    FromAMomsPOV Says:

    hi mommy…..
    I joined in your contest but have not found my name in the list.

    Anyways, I hope you can still consider me.

    I love to win the musicgarten gc.

    I added you in gfc – gpcatalan/glenda c. santos
    I liked your FB – samuel marty santos
    I blogged your giveaway –

    glenda c. santos

    FromAMomsPOV Says:

    hi mommy….thanks for the quick response…i already filled-out the form.

    big thanks. i'm praying to win….

    me too!
    I joined your contest pero wala ako sa list

    @Min- hello there Min, I guess you also failed to fill out my form, that is why you never made the list. kindly fill-out the form found in my giveaway post so i can include you in my raffle tomorrow. many thanks + thank you for joining my giveaway 🙂

    luckyfinds Says:

    Hi vix, I edited my contest post to include that I prefer to win the inflatable


    yay!! am up there! wohooo! hope to win for my niece and nephew (pangbirthday gift na din sa kanya..)!

    Fishy Talks | Gagay.MD | Oh Gosh Gulay | Pinoy.MD | Walking News Paper

    wow your first blog giveaway is awesome.

    And look how many bloggers have joined 🙂


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