my very own birth announcement

i wish mum discovered the beautiful art of digital scrapping earlier on, she would’ve made my very own birth announcement when i was born, much like the one in this photo. neat, right?
anyway, she recently stumbled into this cool shop where you can make awesome personalized cards + announcements, so am sure, we will have some nice card designs at the ready if ever we’ll be needing one soon, like for my 2nd birthday, maybe? 😉
here’s what this cool site says:
Modern and Fresh Invitations and Announcements
Chic and modern announcements and holiday greeting cards can be made at Keeping Me Posted. This great site has special designs available to you. The state-of-the-art photo personalization tools can be used to grab your favorite photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, and SmugMug. There are so many designs to choose from. Personalization tools can change the font style, size, and color. These great tools can be used also to change photos from color to black and white or sepia. You can preview the customized card design free of charge before you purchase it. There is no trouble to get another design. All you have to do is let Keeping Me Posted know, and they will assist you in getting it created. A customized design can be made for you for nothing extra. The cards are made with top-quality thick matte paper and HP Indigo printing presses. Every card is carefully reviewed during the card creation stages so that you get a unique product that is in a class above the competition. Visit Keeping Me Posted today at for a Christmas card or an announcement.

check it out if you’ve time, will you? cheers!

disclaimer: this is a sponsored post by Mom’s Network

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official entries to jared’s favorite things: first blog giveaway! updated


note: mum is updating this post to include those who’ve managed to update their entries to be included in the draw, these are indicated in bold letters. will be drawing in a few so please stay tuned, thanks 🙂

here is the official list of all those who joined our giveaway, for those who failed to indicate their preferred prize, you have until the end of the day to so, simply leave your comment with your updated url to notify my mum or send it via e-mail, we shall be doing the raffle tomorrow (sorry for the delay):

  • for musikgarten gc
    1. maricel
    2. divine
    3. pepper
    4. cherry
    5. fromamomspov
  •  for inflatable pool
    1. whambuddies
    2. melandriaromero
    3. vernz
    4. mamaholic_dory
    5. han abello
    6. chris
    7. gessa marie
    8. gagay
    9. christina_sunga
    10. kayce
    11. pinaymama
    12. shengkay
    13. luckyfinds
  •   those who did not indicate their preferred prize
    1. giay
    2. lexi
    3. luckyfinds
    4. milrose fajardo
    5. joanne gonzales 

    again, thanks to those who joined our simple giveaway, we plan to host more in the future (if my mum’s purse permits, that is!hehe!

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a quick hello

hello there everyone, mum has been busy with both offline (chores + what-nots) + online (she was trying to find ways to make this site even better, plus she’s also looking for ways to earn online through article writing too) duties, that she was not able to update this little baby. plus, she is also currently racking her brains on our impending transfer. 
yes, you got that right, this blog will soon be transferred to wp as mum recently won a new domain + self-hosting from one of the giveaways she joined (am sure she will be posting about that one too :)) jared’s little corner will be transferring to a much better, so i am also excited about that. although i don’t really know the difference yet, but the grown ups seem to think it is quite a big deal if you have your own dotcom site, so i guess we will see then…

i hope you all hang in there, do pay us a visit + i promise mum will gladly return the favor once she found the time. also, do not forget to join our first ever blog giveaway, which will be closing today, by the way!
more updates from this corner later (when mum’s done with our laundry, that is!), take it easy + enjoy your weekend! as for me, i’ll keep myself busy with my pocoyo vids + i’ll play the day away too 🙂
meanwhile i’ll leave you with this pocoyo image that’s been populating our desktop these days + never fails to brighten up my day, hope ya like it!
happy saturday y’all!

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mommy + me monday 03: a day out snapshot


here is a snapshot of me + my mum during our recent trip to greenhills. we goofed around + dad took photos of us while we were waiting for our orders from kenny roger’s roaster.

i totally enjoy our family day outs. we would go out to have our groceries done, or would stroll around the mall with no particular goals but just to escape the cramping + cabin-feverish air in the house. + my favorite so far is our next exploit: exploring the beach! mum will be posting about the details of our subic getaway in here soon.

for now, mommy + i (sleeping most of the time) is in dire need of some shuteye.

happy monday everyone + have a great week ahead 😉

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