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harry potter movie marathon

offline for 3 days + occupied i told you about our internet being down for 3 days + it rained the entire time, we never had the chance to go out of the house for a walk or a few minutes under the sun, no thanks to typhoon falcon. On friday, even my tita cecille […]

toy stories 04: my soccer ball

today i am sharing one of my oldest toys with you – my plush soccer ball. mum bought this for my very first christmas in 2009 from blue magic in sm pampanga. i guess this toy paved the way for my fascination with balls. i simply love playing with it. sometimes i play on my […]

messy-go-round 04: the barefoot buddy!

hey there! i was absent from the blogosphere for awhile as our internet canopy decided to drop dead stormy + rainy morning of friday last. + as a result mum was not able to update our blogs + was totally disconnected from the online world for the past 3 whole days! i’d blog about what […]