toy stories 01: tomy + the eggs


we received this, along with a tiger stuff toy + a tiger book, a few weeks back. it was a package sent by mum’s blogger friend, mommy joy (if you want to receive toys + books from her too, do head down to her blog to contact her). the instant i saw this toy, i wanted to play with it at once, but mum told me that she has to clean it first. the moment mum finished cleaning them, i played with these toys right away. they are a bunch of cracked eggs sitting atop holes that matches the egg bottoms. it is battery-operated although we have yet to see what it does, since mum wasn’t able to buy a new set of batteries for it yet. the eggs also have different expressions.
the eggs come in bright, different colors plus i like the shapes of the egg bottom. there is a star, a triangle, a square, a cross + a bunch of others. this is a great toy to learn about colors + shapes. mum is showing me the varying shapes and colors so i’ll get familiar with them + recognize them on my own when i get a bit older.

this is my first share for this brand spankin’ new meme:

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    uy ang galing naman nito!! ang cute!! 🙂

    thanks for joining 🙂

    See you agian next week! ;))

    how cute naman your toy, jared! 🙂

    Wow! That is so cute!!!

    Follower of your blog using Pinay Mommy Online (GFC). Hope you can follow mine back too!

    that is a very good educational toy 🙂

    sis i really appreciate including Notepad Corner in your featured blogs of the month, my sincerest thanks 🙂

    So nice of Mommy Joy to send you a gift. 🙂 Hope you'll get familiar will shapes soon.

    Maria Lileth Says:

    interesting toy… i bet kids who have that will love it!

    galeng nman!

    Cute toy you got there, Jared! 🙂

    Tell your mom to swing by my blog coz I got her this:
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    Spanish Pinay

    that was generous of her to give you this, lucky u.

    hope to hear from u on my latest post:

    Really cute toy, Jared! I think I saw something like that in the Brainy Baby videos. Cool! 😀

    Hi Tita, can I invite you to join my meme?

    The Color Connection will have it's kick off tomorrow (Saturday, June 4). Please join us, thanks!

    Cute egg toys. Are they not stamps too? Sorry for the late visit. Here's my share . Thanks and see you around!

    wow, beautiful eggs. he he he thanks sis for the package can't wait to have them.

    hi sis! returning the favor here. Dito nlng ako mgcomment coz I can't find your wbfc 13 entry, hehe. liked your page, followed you thru networked blog as Marie but can't find your gfc. Have a nice day!

    @cookie – thanks sis, it was actually my other blog that i joined with wbfc 13 so you can't find my entry in here, hehe!but if you liked my page here, it is just fine. the gfc here is missing as well since i am in the process of migrating this blog to wordpress…i hope you follow me still, thanks much 😉

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    Have a great day!


    @Purple Froggie Clay Stuff – hello there, i actually joined my other blog to the manic monday hop, the gfc is missing here since i am in the process of migrating this blog to a new place, hope you can follow me here
    thanks for stopping by 😉

    Aww! sooo cute! My kids love to eat eggs. Whenever I cook fried eggs my kids love to crack the shells. by the way, do you know Angry Birds? It’s a computer game, my son loves to play it. It slipped my mind the moment I saw this. hehehe 🙂

    Interesting toy! Keep on playing with educational toys 🙂

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