kids in doodles 04: mum or monkey bars?


i’ve written about our recent trip to tagaytay, but i failed to mention that apart from enjoying the scenic view, i also enjoyed doing this! err, i don’t exactly know what to call this nifty thing i discovered but here’s how it goes: when am sensing mum would put me down (most especially when we are outside or in a crowded place ;)), to show my disapproval i’d just claw my way to not being put down. i’d wrap my legs around mum’s leg so she won’t be able to put me down. in the end, i manage to stay in her arms! neat, right? it’s much like making a vertical monkey bar out of mum’s leg.

it really is effective, you should try it sometime 😉

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5 Responses to “kids in doodles 04: mum or monkey bars?”

    I think our kids can always come up with whatever they want us to be on their own purpose. 😀

    Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles.

    we have to take advantage of that stage, because, when they grow up they won’t like us accompanying them anymore:)

    here’s mine:

    Haha you’re so naughty, Jared. Try to walk on your own. :))

    I’m always fond and interested how kids like you have similar antics because my kids do the same thing.

    yes, guess im a mommy & a monkey bar in one.


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