kids in doodles 04: mum or monkey bars?


i’ve written about our recent trip to tagaytay, but i failed to mention that apart from enjoying the scenic view, i also enjoyed doing this! err, i don’t exactly know what to call this nifty thing i discovered but here’s how it goes: when am sensing mum would put me down (most especially when we are outside or in a crowded place ;)), to show my disapproval i’d just claw my way to not being put down. i’d wrap my legs around mum’s leg so she won’t be able to put me down. in the end, i manage to stay in her arms! neat, right? it’s much like making a vertical monkey bar out of mum’s leg.

it really is effective, you should try it sometime 😉

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today is father’s day


Father's Day

yep, it is father’s day today, although i don’t think we will be celebrating the occasion with my dad + i best ask mum about it when i get a little bigger (or when i started speaking properly).

anyway, i guess if the weather gets better, we will probably visit my Papa’s grave later in the afternoon, otherwise it is will be just like any other day. i’d try to separate mum from the pc so i can watch nemo + the other fishies later, so wish me luck 😉

+ did i mention i just recently learned how to say “daddy”? quite timely, right? mum is teaching me how to say “tita”,”mummy” + “tito”, too, let’s just see how fast i learn them 😉

again, happy father’s day to my papa (i hope i was able to meet you), to my dad (wherever you may be celebrating today), to my tito ken (who takes care of me when mum isn’t around) + to all the dads out there!

have a happy sunday everyone!



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top 10 commentators of may

thank you

sorry about the late posting, you know mum had been busy + preoccupied lately. well, anyway, it is that time again to give recognition to the people who’ve been visiting this corner regularly + leaving nice comments, thanks so much + i hope you continue to support my blog in our new home! mum will be placing the top 4 commentators’ badges on my sidebar as a token of appreciation! 😉

without further ado, here is my top 10 commentators for the month of may:

Mirage (7)
J Allyssa (5)
♥♥ Willa ♥♥ (5)
FromAMomsPOV (4)
luckyfinds (4)
Mama Mia (4)
Mars @ The Life Encounters (4)
Joy (4)
Mommy Trish (3)

Note: I was not able to put J Allyssa on my sidebar since she has no available widget, if in case you’ve made one after this post, please let me know so i can add you up! I will be reserving a spot for commentators 4 + 5, as well 😉



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toy stories 03: of floaters + other summer toys

summer is not long gone but i miss it already! i totally enjoyed all the activities we did + places we’ve been (although there weren’t that many). apart from that, i also totally enjoyed the summer toys dad bought me especially for the season. he’s got me two arm floaters, one has a 101 dalmatian puppy + the other one has dumbo, the flying elephant in it (which my cousin, Shane, insists on borrowing cause she’s mistaken dumbo to be a girl!)

i also got this supercool jetplane floater which i used so i can float in a 4-foot swimming pool + in the beach! i simply love riding it in the water 😉

i’ve also got a few colorful balls + rubber duckies + boats that my mum threw into the water whenever she set up the inflatable pool, + the pool happens to by my most favorite, if it will count as a summer toy! 😉

Toy Stories




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