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lookie am a month older!

i am only a few week’s shy of turning 2 + i guess anyone who has not seen me in a while + would see me now will say that i have grown a lot! which i actually have, come to think of it. mum would often wonder how i’d grown so big in such […]

joining jollibee kids club

a couple of weeks back, my pre-schooling cousins went home with these papers in hand. mum said they were applications for the jollibee kids club + decided to enter me, too. here’s what you need to join the club: be 12 years old + below to fill up the membership application form (just like the […]

joining weekend blog follower caravan #19

hiya all! welcome to my little corner! am joining this week’s weekend blog follower caravan so i’d have more gfc followers + new facebook fanpage likers! yippee! please scroll a bit down there for my gfc widget + the fb like box, ayt? this weekly caravan is a simple online blogger-helping-blogger weekly meme. It was […]