colorful little sqwishies

Sqwishland toysa few weeks back, we won these colorful sqwishland toys from pinaymama (read the announcement here), they are cute little toy animals, there is a pig, a lion, a sheep, a dolphin + many more, + they come in different colors + are placed in different colored capsules, much like eggs! but, mum said, i cannot play with the toys so much since, they are a tad small for a todder like me + they are potential choking hazard, so mum would allow me to play with them a short while then she will give me other more age-appropriate toys that i can safely play with.

Sqwishland.comthese tiny animals in round capsules also come with tiny white paper strips which mum said are codes we can use + verify with + if we get lucky we might be winning prizes, too! but, sad to say, the only prizes we got are extra credits so we can buy stuffs in the game.

i have yet to see how the online game is played, mum tried it a couple of times but it was late at night when she did + i was fast asleep. i’m sure we will be playing again soon. i will surely enjoy the game as there are lots of colorful animals + characters there!

thanks to pinaymama + sqwishland for our colorful new toys! 😀



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    Those are so cute! Thanks for joining, please join us again next weekend.

    Jared's Mum Says:

    they really are! 🙂 i enjoyed joining, i will see you again next week 😀

    Oh, that’s cool! goodluck on joining contests :))

    these are very nice toys. Hahaha! mommy plays your toys when you are asleep?! I do the same thing, that’s really funny.

    btw, congrats on winning- again! any secret formula for always winning? spill the beans! 🙂


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