jared’s little corner is looking for sponsors!

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sponsori am totally excited for the month of august since it is our birthday month. i am turning 2, mum is turning 32, + my blog is turning 1 year old! yippee!

to celebrate these wonderful occasions, we would like to celebrate our thanksgiving thru a birthday giveaway + we would like to seek your help to be able to make this possible. simply fill out the attached form for your pledges (which can either be in forms of Paypal cash, GC’s, or any item you might deem applicable). if you have any questions + clarifications, please fell free to contact me!

here is what you will be getting in return:

  • for $15 sponsorship – you will get a free 1-month ad on mum’s pr1 blog, a blog review (your choice of platform), + 2 additional task of your choice (which can either be GFC following, Facebook Fanpage like, NetworkedBlogs following or e-mail subscription). Simply indicate your preferred additional task in the form. Your blog badge will also be showcased on the giveaway entries. So you will also get lots of linky love + backlinks from our contestants
  • for $10 sponsorship – you will get free 1 month ad on my blog + 1 additional tasks (which can either be a GFC following or Facebook Fanpage like. You also get loads of linky love + backlinks from our contestants
  • for $5 sponsorship – loads of linky love + backlinks from our contest participants!

for your pledges, kindly fill out this form:

i will be expecting you, thanks in advance πŸ™‚




35 Responses to “jared’s little corner is looking for sponsors!”

    Sis, I think you should enumerate the benefits of the $15 sponsor, the $10 and so on… Kasi kung pare pareho baka lahat sa $5 lang mag sign up kasi pareho lang mapapala nila (suggestion lang naman)

    Jared's Mum Says:

    Thank you for your suggestions mommy Levy, ni-revised ko na ung benefits, hopefully I can attract a lot of sponsors..thanks again πŸ™‚

    count me in sis… where do i sign up? regards!

    Jared's Mum Says:

    wow, thanks so much sis, pa-sign up lang po sa form sa lower part ng post..thanks again πŸ™‚

    Hi, I am interested to sponsor this contest as well. =)

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks for being my 1st major sponsor, Ron πŸ˜€

    Welcome, more to come hahaha. Still trying to convince other blog owners as well.

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thank you so much, Ron πŸ™‚

    Signed up 2 of my bloggies sis! ^_^

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks so much sis πŸ˜€

    Isipin ko muna which blog ko ang magsponsor. Hehe.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

    Jared's Mum Says:

    sure, the sign-up for sponsorship is until aug 03. thanks πŸ™‚

    Filled up the form sis. Kiss to Jared πŸ™‚

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thank you Mommy Eihdra, Jared kisses back! mwah! πŸ™‚

    hi sis, its my first time and just signed up my 2 blogs…PinayMum and Postcrossing Mom! πŸ™‚ have a great day!

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks so much for signing up sis Cheerful, have a great week ahead! πŸ™‚

    Sponsored! And I hope little Jared gets featured in Colorful Weekend. It’s still so on. πŸ˜€

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks so much mommy May. i always look forward to your posts, see + i have always been meaning to join, but memory gap gets the better of me. just read your new post + the linky is still open. i might have something perfect for one colorful weekend entry πŸ™‚

    sponsoring sis. filled out the form=)

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thank you sis, much appreciated πŸ™‚

    count me in mommy!

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks ever so much Gagay! πŸ™‚

    Hi sis! Just signed up my 2 blogs .Since august is both our blogversarry month, makikicelebrate na lang ako with you,hehehe. Time constraint for me, and don’t know pa how to host giveaways and memes. πŸ˜€
    Good luck and God bless

    Jared's Mum Says:

    wow, happy anniversary to your blog too! go host a giveaway, i’ll sign up as a sponsor, as well! it is just my second time to do this + this one is quite major! hehe! am sure the participants will forgive if ever i announce the winners late due to lack of time πŸ˜€

    thanks so much!

    Hi Vix I would like to sign up for 5 dollar what is your email address?

    I mean not the email but the paypal

    Jared's Mum Says:

    hello there, you can sign-up with the sponsorship form found in this post. i will send you my paypal add thru e-mail. thanks so much πŸ™‚

    Jared's Mum Says:

    sent you a message thru e-mail. thank you so much πŸ™‚

    hi sis! signed up the form. I wonder if I signed it properly, did you receive the form? will sponsor for $10.

    Jared's Mum Says:

    Hello there sis, it actually did not register on the spreadsheet, but I will just add in your details. Thanks so much for sponsoring πŸ˜€

    hi sis! sorry for my slow loading and continuous error kaya diko na fill up maayos. just in case, it should be i-embrace-life.com with GFC as additional task. Thanks sis, please message me your pp address via this email or thru FB. thanks.

    Jared's Mum Says:

    got it Mommy, check out the post your link is up there πŸ™‚

    Hello, I couldn’t find the proper contact form so I hope you don’t mind me writing here. Please contact me immeditely at advertisingwithricky at gmail.com , I would like to send you straight cash to advertise on your website.

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘936796544 which is not a hashcash value.

    Please give me tips on how to put up a proposal for sponsorship of giveaways. Thank you mommy!

    I’ve always wanted to have a sponsored giveaway but I’m not successful. πŸ™


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