messy-haired jared

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i’m sharing with you today some photos of a baby-me with my very messy hair. i used to sport my hair very long since mum is one of those superstitious mum who’d like to have their children’s hair cut only when they turn a year old! yeah, I was still a few months shy of being one in this photo + haven’t gotten my very first hair cut yet!

baby, kids, Jared

my curls are in riot especially near my nape + they’ve grown a few inches more before i turned one that a lot of people are mistaking me for a girl! i even had it on ponytail for a while before I got a haircut.

i’ve got such a messy mane, don’t you think?

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interesting miyachi toy

Myachi Hand Sack, toys, kids, playmum won this toy from CDO Extreme‘s giveaway months ago + in case you’ve been wondering what this is it is a miyachi hand sack. you play with this tossing the hand sack (which is about a size of a regular nokia phone) + have fun catching it! this hand sack is made up of a sturdy cloth with beads inside.

Myachi Hand Sack

now, i am still too little to actually play with this toy so mum + i gave it to my cousin, sean, instead, + he had loads of fun tossing the sack into the air + catching it, too. he uses his hands + feet for that. maybe when am a bit bigger i can play this toy with my kuya.

this is my share for toy stories of the week, what’s yours? 😉

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a mobile plan for kiddos?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know I am still a tad little to worry about having my own mobile phone or my own mobile plan as I rarely need to keep communication with my parents open (read: I am always with mum 100% of the time + if I go out, it is always a case of “you have everything you need” + I am always accompanied or tagged along by her, too :))

Am sure when I am a bit bigger, mum would be thinking of getting me my own phone + plan {if we can afford it probably} so that I may be able to reach her whenever the need arises + I am out of the house or maybe call a friend to ask about a homework or a school project we are working on. I know mum will manage to find the best mobile phone plan deals so we can keep the communication lines open + still manage to save some in my savings account. Didn’t they say mom knows best all the time?

I hope by that time mum will find an offer very similar to Straight Talk’s “All You Need Plan.”  It will be a good way to keep us connected even when we’re apart without burning a hole in my parents’ pocket.

With this versatile plan I can connect to my mum + dad, my aunts + uncles + cousins, + all my friends + mum need not worry about paying very steep fees, call friends + relatives abroad {if ever I’ll have some} at a very affordable rate, I can make unlimited calls, send as many text or picture messages as I can or even access the internet through my phone + mum would only have to pay $45 per month. + what is most amazing is that I get to choose a phone model from well-known trusted brands around + get to enjoy excellent reception + connectivity + a wide nationwide coverage.

Hmm, do you think I can ask mum for a mobile phone on my birthday? Nah, it is all wishful thinking for now but in a few years, who knows? 🙂

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