an early birthday card from eq

birthday card, EQwe got this in the mail a few weeks back. it was sent by eq diapers club where mum is a member of. the letter contains a very early birthday card for me + several discount coupons to toy stores, a cake shop + an ice cream discount vouchers to a 24/7 convenient store. am not sure though if we will ever get to use the coupons + vouchers that went along with the card, but i definitely like the card, especially the picture of the balloons in front of it! i am enjoying balloons at the moment (see my post here)

thank you eq for sending me my very first birthday card ever! i have been using these dappies since i was just a tiny tot + so far  i’ve also received a green frog table from them last year + am now waiting for my wooden puzzle toy.  i guess it pays to be an eq dry user, right? ;D

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    And advance Happy Birthday too! 🙂 Had I known how EQ treats their members, I should have signed up with them a long time ago. 🙂

    advance happy birthday to you Jared. what a sweet gift for you…

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    Aww!! Too bad I’m not using EQ for my baby. I’d love to have those sent to me too. hehe!!

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    Flower Arrangement from Dangwa

    advance happy birthday!
    i’m afraid i’m not an EQ user. maybe if i did, i’ll be getting treats too! 😉

    Wow, EQ really knows how to please their members 🙂 I didn’t know about this one, time to tell my tita about this.

    wonderful gift.. advance happy 2nd birthday jared

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    pano ba maging member ng eq club..
    si Iris din EQ user..since birth..
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    There’s an EQ Diapers Club????? Where the bonkers was I when they announced that? LoL. I didn’t get the memo! And to think I’m an EQ fan myself. I like that it’s like cloth and that they give out gifts all the time in exchange for wrappers. Which is why I have about 5 years worth of wrappers saved, from when Isaac was a baby and then Sophia. And I love that they don’t frequently change wrapper designs so those old wrappers really came in handy when I tallied up the points to claim our freebies. I should go claim our birthday cards! Hahaha. It’s pretty… yay for Jared! Thanks for bringing this to the Colorful Weekend party! See you again this Saturday, I hope!

    PS. We have the green frog table and chair too!

    Jared's Mum Says:

    Yup there is, tita May!They have just started this year + mum joined just this summer if i remember it correctly. I’ll ask her to make a post about it on her blog. Thanks for stopping by. By the way, the frog table is uber cute, right? 😉

    That’s so good of them. I bet they’re one of those who greeted you in advance. plus a gift from them! :))

    A birthday card is alway been a simple yet very touchy kind of gift that you may give to the person’s having his/her celebration of birth.. ^_^ it was a cute card and it was so nice knowing that little jared already receive his first bday card.. ^_^
    advance happy birthday little boy.. ^_^

    we also received one with the coupon but too sad we were not able to use it.

    […] green frog table, cool wooden alphabet book, which my son absolutely love!  They even sent Jared a birthday card last year! I’ve also joined their Birthday Party Promo a number of times but I wasn’t […]

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