the itsy bitsy spider video

we were bored + mum was searching in youtube for nursery rhymes last week. she stumbled upon this cute + colorful video of itsy, bitsy spider. this is actually one of the very first nursery rhymes that my mum would sing to me during playtime + i love this song! especially when mum would pretend her fingers were the spider + would tickle my legs pretending they were the water spout. i would usually erupt into peals of laughter for being tickled.

even now that i am a bit older, this nursery rhyme has never lost its touch. in a few weeks time, maybe i can learn the actions to go with the song.

happy weekend everyone 😉





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    Hi Jared, I love this song! However I first learned it in tagalog words “Maliliit na gagamba” My mom taught me how to sing it and I always remember it up to now.

    My brother and I love this song too! Thanks for joining.

    ..kinakanta ko rin yan kay Iris..
    Visiting from Color Connection Sis. Have a nice day..
    MY Color Connection

    We used to sing this during Nursery! With matching hand actions pa. The video is so cute, ang kulit tignan. 🙂

    so cute. at least he knows nursery rhymes :))

    I’m being so nostalgic again.. hehe.. I remember during my kinder’s day.. I used to sing it with my friends.. ^_^

    i like the last part especially if you started to dance with the tune. we usually does that.


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