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pocoyo, early learning

mum + i (for lack of better things to do) recently visited pocoyo’s world (as we have been stuck at home for days on end recently) back + look what we’ve found, some interesting + fun colorful learning stuffs for children. this is all about the different numbers + colorful ways on how to learn them.

pocoyo, early learningin this picture, we need to choose which photo matches number 8 + mum said the correct answer is the one on the right since there are 8 snails on that picture

Pocoyo, early learninghere’s another one! this time pocoyo will ask you to trace the number that is written on the screen, in this case the number 3. this is a good + fun way for little children to learn about numbers + how to write them, too.

although, these a bit way too advanced for me, it did not stop me from enjoying this educational tutorial as pocoyo made sure it was a fun learning experience. maybe if i am a bit older, i will ask mum to solve these puzzles again that way i’d learn about numbers + counting much easily 😉

you can check out pocoyo world for more fun + learning exercises.

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    Pocoyo is a favorite here at our home too! 🙂

    Spanish Pinay

    my kids love Pocoyo too! his favorite episode is when Pocoyo is dancing with his friends. I forgot the title though. but it was fun to watch particularly the pink elephant.

    It’s good that you are fond of educational shows :))

    hi Sister kiana is also fan of POcoyo at kahit ako..
    kaya lang la na kaming cable tv ngayon kaya 4 channel na lang meron kmi at la ng pocoyo..
    visting from CC..

    This is interesting ..

    We love Pocoyo, too.

    I hope you can visit my colorful entry:


    that’s cutie boy is really fun… vince loves to watch pocoyo ^.^

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    thanks for sharing jared! We’ll check this out. My boys are always on the lookout for fun and educational sites and shows.

    Those are really cute.

    In behalf of Ms. Burrito, thanks for joining Color Connection. Off limits na sya in bloghopping hehehe.

    we love pocoyo!! 🙂

    Late visit for colorful weekend! Hope you could drop by my entry if you haven’t done yet! Thanks!!

    weeh, we so love pocoyo too, peachy will be happy to see this post.


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