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Myachi Hand Sack, toys, kids, playmum won this toy from CDO Extreme‘s giveaway months ago + in case you’ve been wondering what this is it is a miyachi hand sack. you play with this tossing the hand sack (which is about a size of a regular nokia phone) + have fun catching it! this hand sack is made up of a sturdy cloth with beads inside.

Myachi Hand Sack

now, i am still too little to actually play with this toy so mum + i gave it to my cousin, sean, instead, + he had loads of fun tossing the sack into the air + catching it, too. he uses his hands + feet for that. maybe when am a bit bigger i can play this toy with my kuya.

this is my share for toy stories of the week, what’s yours? πŸ˜‰


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    First time I’ve heard of this toy. .. Reminds me of chinese jackstones πŸ˜€

    Spanish Pinay

    That’s a pretty cool prize, Sis!

    Thanks for the comment at

    See you around!

    I havent heard about this toy too. I guess this toy is for big boys only.
    Yes Jared, you can play with it when you get bigger.

    btw, I find this toy a bit strange (O.o)
    maybe we can play with balls instead, besides its easier to toss it πŸ™‚

    So I have to look for it in youtube to see how it works. Ganun pala yun, hahaha! It’s not like something I would enjoy though. But I’m sure little kids and probably my daughter too would like tossing this around.

    visiting via Toy Stories.

    This is pretty interesting. Visiting from Toy Stories. Here’s mine.

    Wow that is really an amazing prize! You deserve it. enjoy πŸ™‚

    ooh, i don’t know about that toy, i have to check on it first.

    wow!! ngayun ko lang narinig to πŸ™‚ nice! interesting! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing! sali k n ulet!


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