messy-haired jared

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i’m sharing with you today some photos of a baby-me with my very messy hair. i used to sport my hair very long since mum is one of those superstitious mum who’d like to have their children’s hair cut only when they turn a year old! yeah, I was still a few months shy of being one in this photo + haven’t gotten my very first hair cut yet!

baby, kids, Jared

my curls are in riot especially near my nape + they’ve grown a few inches more before i turned one that a lot of people are mistaking me for a girl! i even had it on ponytail for a while before I got a haircut.

i’ve got such a messy mane, don’t you think?


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    ooh, he has many teeth na, so cute, naku he maybe a handful .

    Actually Jared, I did the same thing with my kid. His first hair cut was made when he turned 1 year old.

    Not only that, I was the one who made his first hair cut. They say it a baby’s first hair cut should be done by some who excel in academics para daw matalino. So, pinagtulungan namin siyang gupitan ni mommy. Hehehe! 🙂

    and you’re totally cute, Jared!

    Spanish Pinay

    cute pa rin kahit messy ang hair..

    ahwww.. ang cute niya naman… sana ganyan din kacute yung magiging baby ko.. hehe maganda siguro lahi niyo no… ^_^ MEssy hair makes him a lot cuter ^_^

    haha ang haba na nga. dapat lang talagang gupitan kung ayaw mo mapagkamalang babae haha


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