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here in my new little corner…

yep, this little tot has found a new little corner, a physical one that is, as we recently moved to a new house in the city. mum, together with my tita, decided to rent out our own place + we have found this little cute house just a few minutes away from tita‘s work. we […]

my new toy from proud mommy of three

i recently got a new toy + i just love it! 🙂 a package arrive for mum last week + lookit what it has inside – my new kung fu panda stuff toy! it is our prize from the pasko sa agosto giveaway of proud mommy of three. i bet my other stuff toys are […]

kids in doodles 20: jared + the fun rides

one of the best things that i enjoy doing the most is playing + when we go out to visit the mall, mum makes it a point to bring me somewhere i can play around + have fun. mum + dad bought me to activefun a number of times {see my stories about them here […]