jared’s little corner birthday giveaway ends

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jared’s little corner birthday giveaway is officially over! + we would like to apologize for the delay in announcing the winners. we’ve had a bit of a problem with our internet connection the past few days + mum was not able to validate the entries. rest assured that we will be making the announcement next week + will be doling out the prizes soon after.

it has been one enjoyable ride, thank you to all who sponsored + joined our contest, we had a great time hosting this one + if mum can afford it she’d probably have a giveaway each month, but who knows, maybe we can afford it soon, right? 😉

we would also like to thank all those who left their lovely comments, we enjoyed reading + answering some of them, too. stay tuned for our august top commenters post to know who won all these goodies:

again, thanks so much for making our birthday giveaway a success.




6 Responses to “jared’s little corner birthday giveaway ends”

    Wahh, I thought I’m already the top commentator! I made 219 comments already, guess I have to wait for official announcement. Yay!
    *looking forward* 🙂

    congrats top commenters!!!

    it’s okay if you delay the announcement of winners.. it’s very beneficial to me since I can gain more points in anyways to win any of your prizes.. ^_^
    btw, I also experiencing internet connection problems so I really do understand you but the good thing is you still try your best to update us with your contest but most importantly is your own little stories.. ^_^

    oh, sad to say, the contest ends on august 31 so efforts made after than will not be considered…if we get lucky, we might have more giveaways in the future, so i hope you stay tuned, thanks 🙂

    hobbies and everything Says:

    its ok sis..we’ll juz w8 4 ur announcement…

    Sayang di ako nakaabot to be the top commentor :(((
    Well I still hope to win the other awards.


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