birthday doodles

kids in doodles, kids

look at my doodles

for mum’s birthday we went to this restaurant in the city. it was very cool since, apart from serving the best pumpkin soup i’ve ever tasted {it was the first time i tried it, too :)} they are also giving pieces of paper and crayons for children to doodle on while we wait for our meals to be served. here is what i did on my paper {mostly with mum + dad’s help, of course}

kids in doodles, kids

mum + jared doodle

i had fun scribbling on my sheet of paper + mum + dad enjoyed it too. see mum helping me with a doodle of her own in this photo? dad also wrote some stuff, he even planned to write “happy birthday” on my paper, but did not get around to it since he got busy looking after the little guy who wants to run around the resto while mum eats…:)

i think i am well on my way to online high school with doodles this good! then on to college! mum and dad better find out how to apply for student loans.

my kids-in-doodles tale for the week, what is yours?


8 Responses to “birthday doodles”

    happy birthday jared’s mum 😀 nice work jared! 🙂

    Not only restaurants here, but all establishments here have coloring pages and crayons ready for the kids all the time.

    Belated Happy Birthday to your Mom,Jared and kudos to you lil one for a job well done^_^

    Happy KID!

    hahaha ang gulo ng doodles mo XD pero for sure nag enjoy ka naman haha

    Happy birthday to your mom, Jared 🙂

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks so much Tita Pepper 🙂

    wow ang lapit lng ng bday nyong dalawa ni little jared.. bka nxt year joint bday giveaway n yan..
    always visiting here sis.. but now, il leave a comment para manalo ng $20 paypal cash..
    til nxt visit!!! : )


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