my new toy from Zoobic Safari

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am sharing with you my new toy which mum + dad bought for me on my birthday when we went to zoobic safari. this symbolizes the white tiger that resides in there. the real one is so big + looks kind + scary at the same time, but aslan {got the name from narnia, i just love the lion there} is simply the coolest + very huggable. i hug him a lot + play with him, too. we chat sometimes, as well, to pass the time {of course none of our chats are understood by mum ;)}. elmo + my brown tiger toy have found another friend. we just love playing with each other 🙂

this is my toy stories share for the week, what’s yours?




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    wow! ang ganda!! 🙂 what is jared’s fav cartoon character?

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    His favorite is Pocoyo + Elmo 😀

    wow what cutie sis!!!
    im sure my son will hug and kiss that, coz he’s fond of stuffed toys aside from his toy cars..

    cutie, white tiger 🙂

    i have an award for you Jared, pls. tell your mom to grab it at my Notepad Corner, your blog deserves the Inspirational Award 🙂

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