kids in doodles 20: jared + the fun rides

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one of the best things that i enjoy doing the most is playing + when we go out to visit the mall, mum makes it a point to bring me somewhere i can play around + have fun. mum + dad bought me to activefun a number of times {see my stories about them here + here} + just last week, while mum was busy attending an event, dad bought me to to this fun play area in the mall. too bad we were not able to snap some photos as mum had the camera with her.

so i will just share this fun photo my tita took two sundays ago when we went out for a stroll in the mall near our place {check out the complete post here}. the arcade part of the mall  features fun rides for little kids like me to enjoy. there is a motorcycle that really looks like the real thing, a jeep, a car, a carousel ride, + some others. of all those, this blue airplane caught my attention so i had to sample it.

Kids in Doodles, kids, rides, weekend, playtita bought a couple of coins so we can check out how the thing goes, but the moment you dropped the coin, it comes whizzing much too loud for my taste. i had this thing with those scary whizzing sounds, you see. they closely resemble the sound of my nebulizer, which i did not really like. so as quickly as it came to life, i had to sprung myself off of the ride + onto my mum’s arms. me + the airplane ride is done 😉

Kids in Doodles, fun rides, kids, playi’ve also tried the motorcyle ride but i was not too keen on it, either, as obviously shown on the photos above. oh well, i guess, i will get to enjoy these rides more when i get a bit older + bigger, right? i’m stuck with my bike for the meantime + those occasional go at my dad’s car whenever i had the chance.

this is my kids-in-doodles share for this week. if you’ve got any similar stories to share, please do so, don’t forget to link up with your post here:


8 Responses to “kids in doodles 20: jared + the fun rides”

    My boys always looking forward going to the mall bec of those rides. 🙂

    hi vix! can;t see my entry.. naka link na! kindly check…. thanks!!;)

    fixed the linky sis raya, your url is there now…thanks for joining 🙂

    Mommy is so nice to always take you to the mall. enjoy your ride.

    i like riding those rides, but i don’t want them moving. 😉 just stationary.

    jared, i’m sure when you grow up you’ll love to ride in that airplane and motorcycle. it’s overwhelming right now, but you won’t get enough of that when you’re older. my boys were all like that. Now, I can’t get them to get off, haha.

    peachy loves rides too. Not just love addicted to it actually. he he he, cute little boy you have there. Can’t wait to meet you :0

    Hi Jared! My baby boy was just like you enjoying fun rides like that. Maybe one time, you’ll meet him and both of you will enjoy the rides together 😀


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