another fun day at activefun

active fun, weekend

mum + i {dad followed after he got off from work} had a chance to go to activefun one more time, mum was attending an event that day + i tagged along so i can play a bit while she waited for the event to start.

as always, i am very excited to play in this place, with loads of colorful balls + toys + a lot of kids playing, laughing, giggling + having fun, too! they all made the place a funner place to be.

our first stop is the sea of balls, this is one of my favorite spots here. mum managed to snap some photos while making sure i am safely playing on the side, away from bigger kids that might squash me when they collapsed on the balls 🙂

i really enjoyed diving into the balls + lying around in the sea of these colorful round creations. + i know that a lot of other kids feel the same way.

my playtime was cut short when we had to go out to check whether mum’s event has started, it was a good thing dad arrived shortly after that, while mum busied herself learning about mum stuffs, dad + i had tons of fun jumping up + down in the trampoline + exploring other parts of the play area. too bad, we were not able to take photos, mum brought the camera with her, see.

i was all sweaty + tired after our play, not to mention hungry, but it was all good. i had a great time sharing a colorful weekend playtime with mummy + daddy!


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    Your cuteness Jared, how are you. My princess Kate, says thank you for my winnings from your birthday giveaway. Part of it went to her and her sister’s 1 week worth of school allowance 🙂


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