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this is a hand-me-down toy from my tita belle, which was first handed down to my cousins, sean + shane, + probably, even, my tito ken, when he is just a toddler 🙂 tita belle told me to take care of it as she will be handing it down to her future children, too!

this toy is actually 20 years old or more, as this used to be my tita’s toy when she was just a little girl. it was gifted to her by one of her ninangs one christmas.

this toy is a shape-sorter, that mum + her siblings fondly called “shape-o”. it has shapes like a circle, square, rectangle, oval, star, cross, among other shapes. i do not recognize most of them yet, since i only enjoy scattering them on the floor or forcing a shape into an entirely different slot {i am successful as some point!:) }, but am sure mum will teach me how to play it well soon when i am ready!

this is my toy stories share for the week, care to share yours?

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    hi jared!!! i love your toy!!! that is good for brain 🙂 WHen my ishi and ethan was your age, that their fav toy 🙂

    wow memorable pala ang toy na yan love it..
    sharing my son’s TS


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