sick in this little corner


that is right, this little man is sick with coughs + colds + is having a wee bit of trouble since i tend to throw up a lot whenever i have colds. i am not sure if i’d cooperate once mum started giving me meds {cause I really hate taking them}, but i do hope i get well soon enough. i guess our planned trip to ocean park for tomorrow will be postponed because of my untimely ailment…please pray for me so i will get well very soon.

also, mum will probably post K.I.D much later as she will be busy attending to my needs…hope you can all join in..see you around! 🙂

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    get well soon! be a good boy and drink your meds, okay? 🙂

    […] they say december + christmas is easily the best time of the year, i guess am gonna have to find out for myself. but so far, am loving all the christmas decors everywhere, including the silver bells that my tita got that mum hanged on our front door. i have also seen a few tall christmas trees, including the one in araneta center which is just totally big + the one in shangri-la mall when we went there recently. am also feeling much better compared to the other day when i’ve fallen sick. […]

    […] for the late posting of kids in doodles this week, i guess you might have read about my sickness by now. am still recovering + mum’s praying i take the meds soon enough. do join us this week […]

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