kids in doodles: jared + his puzzle


kids in doodles, toddlers, playtime

mum got me new toys when she went out last week, she ordered it from her mummy blogger friend, tita jem. she’s got me a few wooden toys + one of these toys include this puzzle set of bulldozers + cranes + trucks + lorry + other vehicles used in construction. mum knows that i love cars.

kids in doodles, toddlers, playtime, toys, puzzle

i really enjoyed playing with it + mum was so delighted + surprised that after 2 days of playing i can now put up the pieces together + finish the puzzle in no time.

kids in doodles, kids, toddlers, toys, playtime

mum can’t help felling giddy that she just had to take these photos while i was playing with it. she said puzzles are great in teaching little children like me about critical thinking + preparing me for more complex problem-solving in school + in life in later years.

kids in doodles, kids, toys, toddlers, playtime

i had a blast playing with this toy, i can’t wait to play with my other new toys but mum wrapped them in christmas wrappers + placed them under our tree, so i guess i have to wait ’til christmas morning to do just that 😛

apologies for the late posting of kids in doodles this week, i guess you might have read about my sickness by now. am still recovering + mum’s praying i take the meds soon enough. do join us this week + share your kids in doodles stories, will ya? 🙂



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    Those pop-up puzzles are sure fun for the kids 🙂 Will be back here mommy vix to join your meme.

    i love puzzles too! 🙂
    mommy said the said the same your mom said about puzzles… but you know we can’t understand it yet. 🙂

    joining this week.

    educational toys, (and wooden) are the best ones. they stimulate the kids’ minds! me and my little bro love them too!

    Good to know that Jared enjoyed playing the puzzle toy. He is really a big kid :)… I hope he will get well sooner…

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    This so cute meme! I would join the next time! Your son sure did have some good time with puzzles! (or wait let me find some photos so i could join lol)

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    Yay, finally found a memorable photo and I linked up. Thanks for hosting!

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