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mum got me this colorful wooden toy train, too, the last time she went out to go to manila. check out the other wooden stuffs she’s got for me here. what i love about this train is that it has numbers on them so mum can teach me how to count while i am playing with them.

toys, colorful stuffs, toy stories, toddlers,

each pieces can also be separated, so i can have a single, very long wooden train or many little train pieces, what fun! 😀 it is now one of my favorite toys, well, each one of them is my favorite anyway 😛

toys, toy stories, colorful stuffs, toddlers

what is your current favorite toy to play with?

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    The toys are very nice Jared+you are trying to make train with them.Hey the toys are numbered means you are not only playing but also studying..very smart boy.

    It sure is one way to play and learn at the same time! Learning the fun way! Enjoy the cute trains!

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    that’s a nice toy you’ve got. your mama sure knows what toys to buy for you. 🙂

    please visit her site: Christmas Gift Ideas for the Kids

    It sure is one way to play and learn at the same time! Learning the fun way! Enjoy the cute trains!

    Busy busy hands, Jared! I am visiting you from a past Colorful Weekend. 😀

    These letters and numbers block help kids to learn the basic knowledge in school. It will also expose them to word building, fundamental math equations and colors as well.

    Its really different toy and looking nice also. We can play with that even we can learn. Learn the thing in playful.
    Your mom got really very good idea and she bought this to you.
    Hope you are enjoying with that new toy.

    […] i got this toy as another gift from mum last christmas, that time i was too preoccupied with my new iron man + wreck-it ralph toys that i hardly took notice. mum even had to keep it away in the hopes that i might learn to like it better next time, which i did! i love puzzles + they are really quite fun + enjoyable to play with. you might want to check out some of my puzzles in my post here + here! […]

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