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kids in doodles: the mickey mouse clubhouse

mickey mouse is one of my favorite characters since i was very little, but it was only recently that i discovered about the mickey mouse clubhouse + i am hooked! mum + i were watching videos on youtube at first + after a while, when she realized that i have grown to love this new […]

messy-go-round reload: messy little chubby hands

check out my dirty hands, i got that after playing with my colored pens. my pens are colored blue, red + yellow, too bad the yellow one did not end up on my hands, too! 🙂 it has been sometime since mum made a messy post, that is why i am glad that one of […]

my new pair of sunglasses

i have always been fascinated by sunglasses + would spend mornings playing with my mum’s. i called them “wow,”  ’cause every time mum would put them on me, she’d say “wow!” it kind of stuck + i now call every single sunglasses or glasses i see as such, but i guess it’s only because “sunglasses” […]