kids in doodles: one of my doodles

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i am not much into doodling lately, more often that not, you’d find me tinkering with my toy cars or any other toys that is my favorite at the moment, but when inspiration strikes + i went doodling, mum would be quick to take a snapshot of it + keep it. she said she’d make a scrapbook out of all my doodles or, who know, maybe she’d line them up on our walls 🙂

here is one my doodles, i think i made this late last year with my colored pens. i did this in one of mum’s blank notebook which i would normally get from our drawers to play with. i know it wasn’t much, but hopefully i’d master the art of doodling very soon + will come up with more interesting ones 😉

share your  kids in doodles stories with us + don’t forget to hop on to other participants, too!


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    Great job of doodling kido, my daughter always did it on our wall. Visiting from KIDS.

    great job, jared! this is a great start. you’ll get the hang of it soon. our post will also be about doodles, drawings and online drawing tool. i’ll post it up later. have a work deadline for now. have a great week ahead you two!

    “Big things start from small beginnings.” Keep on going Jared!

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thank you, Tita Reese! ^_^

    Its really great job. Your kids in doodles was very interesting.


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