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mum got me this new cars 2 magazine at the expo kid last saturday. we were browsing around when  i wander off into a lightning mcqueen standee in one of the booths + mum saw this treat! 🙂  i love this publication, not only does it feature one of my faves, lightning mcqueen, but it also features a lot of other characters from the cars sequel, like my other favorite, tow mater + sally, plus the new characters shu, holly, fin, + so much more.

reading, my favorite things, lightning mcqueen, out + about

not only does it have a lot of great photos, it also include loads of activities which i hope to do once i am big enough, + yep, a whole new pin up of cool cars 2 stickers which i can stick to my stuff or any place i fancy.

the mag + me were inseparable at the event, i guess it was a good thing since mum was able to listen well to the speaker who is talking about the benefits of homeschooling, while i busy myself with my new stuff 😉

added any stuff on your lighning mcqueen collection lately? 🙂


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    wow, that’s really good magazine. Your mom bought and give very good and interesting magazine.
    Thanks for sharing.

    You really are into it huh?! Drop by here so you can play Kuya Jared’s collection of Cars… 😉

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    sandy weaver Says:

    my grandson Shane loves lightning McQueen, he also like Jared would luv that magazine, could u tell me how i could buy it. thank you.

    i am not sure if this is distributed abroad, but you can check out their Facebook Page


    for more information


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