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kids in doodles: my new laptop

time again for another edition of kids in doodles + i would like you to meet my new laptop, this is actually not-so-new as i’ve got this toy in january as a christmas present from my ninang gold. what i love about this is that it not only helps me practice on my abc’s + […]

kcat’s may birthday project 2012

to celebrate her birthday this coming may 12, 2012, ate kcat is visiting the children at the pediatric ward of the philippine general hospital. it is her own way of sharing her blessings + giving inspiration to these children who are suffering from diseases + ailments, as well as share courage + hope to this sick […]

kids in doodles: stars + planets

last week was one of the busiest weeks we’ve had. mum + i went to 2 different events, went to fun ranch  for my first play date with rylan + to activefun over the weekend. my schedule was full. it was a tad tiring but i really had loads of fun. i shall tell you […]