kids in doodles: a weekend with my cousins

kids in doodles, family, playtime, weekend, out + about

we live in the same city, but you’d think we live in different countries or planets since we seldom see each other. it has actually been a while since i last saw my cousins, kuya sean + ate shane, that is why i was really happy when i finally came to see them two sundays ago when we visited my grandparents’ graves. they have grown bigger + taller compared to the last time i’ve seen them. both my cousins busied themselves with school during weekdays.

the memorial is one big green park, with lots of stuff to explore + loads of area to cover + run around, that is why after a round of greetings, we were immediately on our toes walking around with our tita jinky 🙂

kids in doodles, playtime, weekend, out + about, family

we had a wonderful sunday together. the grown ups also made plan to for us to see madagascar that afternoon, but we lacked the time + decided we just do it some other time. oh well, i really had a wonderful time playing with my cousins again, much like the old times!  hopefully i’d get to see them again real soon so we can play with my new finn mcmisile die cast car {which I shall share with you in another post, i promise}! 🙂

kids in doodles, out + about, playtime, weekend, family

time for you to share your doodles with us.  the rules of our game is very simple, you post any photo or video with the kiddos in it! do not forget to include one of our meme badges, which  can be found here, hop on to the other participants + leave your comments! easy-peasy, right? so i look forward to all your entries + here’s to another beautiful week ahead + never you mind the rain! 😉

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june’s top commentators

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hello everyone! it is that time again to send out shout outs to those who have visited + left their wonderful comments in this corner. i know mum had been preoccupied with other stuffs lately which left my blog asking for attention, but i do hope she gets to find time to update this baby more this month, or else! 😀
anyways, here are my top commentators for this month of june! thank you so much for stopping by + spending some of your precious time in my little corner. hopefully, i’d get to see you around here often ! 😉
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