let’s celebrate august {a giveaway}

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although a lot of people are suffering today because of the devastation that the bad weather brought to our country recently, i see no reason why we cannot celebrate this month anyway. we ought to thank god that we are alive after all that’s happened + we ought to celebrate the many people who try to reach out to the victims of floods anywhere + those who wanted to help in whatever little way we can.

i personally have so many reasons to celebrate this awesome month of august. apart from being our birthday month {i will be turning 3 + mum will be turning 33!}, august is also the birthday month of this little corner + we’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary! woot! 😀

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 in line with this, i shall be giving this human heart nature kids loot worth Php500. The package shall include:

  • all natural spray sanitizer bubbly gum {50ml }
  • kids natural shampoo + body wash tangerine tarsier {50ml}
  • baby wash {50ml}
  • baby lotion {50ml}
  • baby oil {50ml} ~ not in photo
  • bug shield {50ml} ~ not in the photo

2 other lucky winners gets to take home either of these two prizes as well:

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a mum loot  from mumwrites + mum eats

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paper loot from Musings on Meanderings

this giveaway is easy-peasy as all you’ve got to do is accomplish the task at the rafflecopter widget below to qualify. please take note that  you have to finish each + every one of them in order to qualify. this giveaway is open to anyone who has a philippine shipping address + shall run for the entire month of august. the lucky winners will be drawn using Rafflecopter by 08 September.

giveaways, announcement


the prize from mum’s previous giveaway, top commentators giveaway shall be included in the mum loot as no one was lucky enough to get it the last time!

this giveaway post will be posted on our other blogs, + on mum hearts giveaways, too, but you only need to join once. i hope you all join our simply giveaway + have a wonderful August everyone!

don’t forget to wait for the rafflecopter widget to load, right? good luck! 🙂

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    January Ferrera
    FB: Janzcrystalz Handcrafts
    twitter: janzcrystalz
    email: jan25jan78@yahoo.com

    thanks hope to win..:)

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks for joining + good luck 🙂


    Name – Dorry Lyn Tan
    twitter id – dickvincedor
    facebook id – Dorry Lyn
    e-mail – pr_dorry@yahoo.com

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks for joining! good luck 😉

    Gail Panacci Says:

    Name: Gail Panacci
    FB: Gail Panacci
    Tw: @gailpanacci & @gailtpanacci
    email: gailpanacci@ymail.com

    […] let’s celebrate august {a giveaway} […]

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    Baby Yap
    Kodie Flores
    ♥hope to win♥

    Joined!! Love your giveaways!!!

    Name: Ruby
    Twitter ID: @pinaymommy
    Facebook ID: http://www.fb.com/pinaymommy
    E-mail: admin at pinaymommyonline dot com

    Hope to win!!!

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thank you mommy! i am glad you love my giveaways! i hope to host more in the future! good luck! 🙂

    maristella fajardo Says:

    hope to win your giveaway!!!

    Jared's Mum Says:

    let’s keep our fingers crossed! + don’t forget to leave your details in a comment, right? 😉

    Joanne Gonzales
    Facebook : joanne gonzales
    Twitter : zoan721
    Email : jongskie721(at)gmail(dot)com

    Will do the rest later;) naka iphone lang ako eh hehehe

    count me in 🙂

    Name: Marjory ilao-Lee
    Twitter: @pinkcodes
    FB: marjory ilao-Lee
    Email add: honie_252004@yahoo.com

    Thank u and more power!!!

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thank you for joining + good luck! 🙂

    leo rances garcia
    twitter name:@leyo2809
    fb id:leo rances garcia
    email add: leyo_garcia@yahoo.com

    Name: Honney Natividad
    Twitter: @HonneyMarie
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/honneymarie

    Sana manalo ako for the first time ever! hehe.

    Jared's Mum Says:

    let’s keep our fingers crossed! good luck! ^_^

    happy august to you!

    i joined!

    your name: Christine Amador
    twitter id: ChristineAmador
    facebook id: Christine Amador
    e-mail : amador.christine@gmail.com

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thank you for joining, mommy Chris! good luck + happy August to you, too! ^_^

    Ruby Salazar Papio Says:

    FB ID :Ruby Salazar Papio

    joining marz, nice giveaway.

    facebook id: melandriaromero
    Twitter: @melandria

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thank you for joining, mars, i hope you win one of the loots! ^_^

    wehhhh. sali ako:)

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thank you sis! good luck 😉

    maryleen purugganan Says:

    Name: maryleen purugganan
    Twitter id: yhram28
    Facebook id: Lheen Purugganan Santor
    E-mail: relheen@yahoo.com

    Hope to win ^^ more power^^

    I joined your giveaways! 🙂

    Name: Jean Jacques
    Twitter id: @jenjacqs
    Facebook id: http://www.facebook.com/jenjacqs
    Email add: jacqsatwork[at]gmail[dot]com

    I hope I’ll win!

    Niña Llagono Says:

    Name: Niña Llagono
    Twitter: ninsh05
    Facebook ID: http://www.fb.com/ninshki
    Email ID: nina_llagono@yahoo.com

    I joined too sis coz if i win i’ll give them to my nephew there in Philippines:)

    Name – Genebei Faith R. Saratorio-Sajolan
    twitter id – genejosh
    facebook id – Genebei Faith R. Saratorio-Sajolan
    e-mail – genefaith@yahoo.com

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks for joining, sis! good luck! ^_^

    name: michelle solee
    twitter: michisolee
    fb: michelle solee
    email: ellehcimcarlos(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Rachel Anne Del Rosario Says:

    Joining sis! Happy Anniversary to your blog and Happy Birthday to both of you (Jared). God bless. 🙂
    Name: Rachel Anne Del Rosario
    Twitter ID: @bercheroja
    Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/rachelannelegaspidelrosario
    Email: rachelannedelrosario10@gmail.com

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks so much, sis! good luck 😉

    Antonette A. Magistrado Says:

    hope to win!
    Antonette A. Magistrado
    Twitter id: @Neth_pangit
    Facebook id: antonette algarate magistrado
    email add: antonettealgarate@yahoo.com

    Joining! 🙂 I’ve got some giveaways happening over at TrulyRichMom too if you want to join any of them: http://www.trulyrichmom.com/search/label/Amazing%20Grace%20Giveaways 😀

    Happy birthday to you and your mum, Jared! 😉 *winks*

    Name: Tina
    Twitter ID: @tinasrodriguez
    FB profile: https://www.facebook.com/tinasantiagorodriguez (Tina S. Rodriguez)
    Email: teachermamatina@gmail.com

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks for the birthday greetings! + thank you for joining! good luck! 😉

    Istin Dizon Paigna Says:

    twitter id: istin21
    facebook id: facebook.com/istin
    e-mail: istin_21@yahoo.com

    Joining ! 🙂 Happy August-month !!! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to both of you !!! my daughter will also celebrate her birthday this month of August – a really Happy August month to all !!!

    Name : Jenny
    Twitter : @red_whisk
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MommyJenny
    email: angel.2007.kat@gmail.com

    Jared's Mum Says:

    Thanks so much + happy birthday to your daughter, too! ^_^ thank for joining our giveaway, as well, + good luck! 😉

    hope to win!
    Maricel A. Espino
    Twitter id: @ Maricel espino
    Facebook id: Maricel Abarra Espino
    email add: espino_maricel77@yahoo.com

    Elinor Semira Says:

    name: Ma. Elinor Semira
    twitter id: @mhoie1325
    facebook id: Elinor Semira
    e-mail: elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

    I joined sis!

    Divine Caraecle

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks for joining, sis + good luck! ^_^

    name:Kienes Damaso
    fb:Kienes Damaso

    name: Jennifer Aguirre
    twitter id: @theLuckyVixen
    facebook id: Jhen Ny
    e-mail: luckyvixen2@gmail.com

    name/fb name: RiCalyn Sicad
    twitter: @rsicad
    email: ricalynsicad@yahoo.com

    Allan Reyes Says:

    Allan Reyes
    fb-Allan Reyes

    Maricel D. Jancinal Says:

    name:maricel d. jancinal
    fb: maricel jancinal

    Name: Marissa Lugtu
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    e-mail: marzielugtu@gmail.com

    Jacqueline Yunun
    Twitter: jackiesangel8
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    twitter id: @tatateet
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    e-mail: niehaoei217@yahoo.com

    Donna de Luna Says:

    Donna de Luna
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    twitter: @d0nnababe

    diana de leola Says:

    diana de leola
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    fb: diane de leola
    email: heartdiane28@yahoo.com

    Shermaine Capuli Balbedina
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    Facebook. Shermaine Capuli Balbedina

    Mei Santiago Says:

    Name : Mei Santiago
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    Facebook : Mei S. Santiago
    email : meisantiago29@gmail.com

    Twitter : @iambachuchay
    email : huggie0109(at)yahoo(dot)com


    melandria romero
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    name: Ma. Aniela Aquino
    twitter id: earnonlinepinoy
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    Rosa Bernadette Q. Lita Says:

    Name: Rosa Bernadette Q. Lita
    facebook id: Rosa Bernadette Q. Lita
    twitter id: @mutyalita

    Rosa Bernadette Q. Lita Says:

    happy anniversary!

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thank you! ^_^

    Hello! 🙂


    Lovely Joy Merced
    Joy Merced

    mary avellana reana
    facebook: mary avellana reana

    agnes espino
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    camille quiambao Says:

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    name: Gizette Cao
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    twiiter id# jAlbius
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    Marine Rose Decena Says:

    Marine Rose Decena
    Mai Decena


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