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toddlermouth decoded

if the grown-ups had a dime for everytime thye decode our elusive toddlermouth {yep i got the inspiration from the potter film ;)}, i bet they’d be rich by now. after all, we do have our own unique ways of using our speech faculty + not most people are privy to their grown-up talk equivalent, […]

kids in doodles: balloon fun

one of the best things i love about parties {check out my post on my 3rd birthday celebration} are the balloons! they sure make parties more fun + enjoyable. i guess you can tell that i really had a wonderful time playing with my blue balloon in my party, i guess those pictures give it […]

kids + the not-so-child-friendly ads

    mum + i spend a considerable amount of time in front of the telly + most of it is my own doing. i would normally ask her to turn it on so that i can watch my favorite cartoons + other programs that we’d like to see for each single day. mum is […]