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kids in doodles: happy halloween!

it is a monday once again + it is time for another round of doodles but before anything else, here is a round up last week’s kids in doodles participant: ♥ read about sam’s 7th birthday celebration ♥ check out another birthday celebrant in iris joehanna’s world that out of the way, time to share with you […]

sticker happy me!

stickers are my absolute favorite, especially if they feature my most favorite cars characters. last week we visited one of favorite shops, the bookstore, + mum got me this issue of cars magazine {i shall share all my copies in a post soon}. what i love about this mag, aside from the colorful pictures of lightning […]

kids in doodles: where have you been recently?

hello again + happy monday everyone! time now for another round of kids in doodles + before we start off, i’d like to apologize for not posting one last week, mum + i were up to something + we were rather spending more time offline + outside that mum was not able to update not […]