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bonding over pets

i know i’ve just mentioned pets on my recent kids in doodles post, but did i tell you that it wasn’t only me who enjoyed petting + holding the colorful parrot? mum also had a wonderful time doing exactly that. she won’t be beaten + held the bird, too. + i bet you can tell […]

kids in doodles: all about pets

hello there, time again for another round of kids in doodles stories. sorry that mum was not able to post one in the last 2 weeks, we’ve been busy + been out-of-town for a 3-day vacation, too! 😉 anyway, today our topic is all about pets. i do not own a pet yet but i […]

4 Habits that Are Killing Your Budget

Habits, good or bad, can be incredibly hard to break, but there are a few that may be doing some major damage to your budget. It’s worth spending some time (and maybe even money) to break these habits to free up some cash in your monthly budget. Smoking Not only is smoking terrible for your […]