bonding over pets

pets, my favorite things, mum + i

i know i’ve just mentioned pets on my recent kids in doodles post, but did i tell you that it wasn’t only me who enjoyed petting + holding the colorful parrot? mum also had a wonderful time doing exactly that. she won’t be beaten + held the bird, too. + i bet you can tell from the photos, right? 😉

the parrot’s claws might hurt a bit, but it was all tingly and ticklish for the most part so we really enjoyed holding it. it was a good thing it shares the same feeling, otherwise it might’ve bitten us or something! 😀

pets, my favorite things, mum + i

it was the first time we experienced parrots first-hand + i must say it was one of the best things we ever did. birds and animals in general are simply fun + enjoyable to be around. i would love to see + bond with more of them in the future, i cannot wait for our trip to the zoo. mum has been planning that for a while now, but we do not have any concrete plans yet. i just hope we’d be able to visit one before the year ends!

Zoomanity Group was kind enough to email mum the photos they took of us during the Junior Prenuer event, so shout outs to you guys + thanks! 🙂

am linking the colorful parrot with:


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kids in doodles: all about pets

hello there, time again for another round of kids in doodles stories. sorry that mum was not able to post one in the last 2 weeks, we’ve been busy + been out-of-town for a 3-day vacation, too! 😉

kids in doodles, pets, out + about, my favorite things, toddlers

anyway, today our topic is all about pets. i do not own a pet yet but i really love animals so give me probably a couple of years + i shall be having one, too! am just not sure if mum will allow me to have a dog, a cat, a pair of bird perhaps or a hamster. anyhoo, anyone of those will be equally appreciated.

kids in doodles, out + about, toddler, my favorite things

i guess you might wonder where the inspiration for today’s doodle topic came from. oh well, we went to Junior Preneur bazaar in Tiendesitas a few saturdays back. it is a bazaar with little children selling stuffs + i totally enjoyed visiting there with mum. lots of fun + colorful items are on sale + there are simply loads of kids around! 😀

kids in doodles, pets, out + about, my favorite things, toddlers

kids in doodles, pets, toddler, out + about, my favorite things

one of the things i enjoyed the most are the animals. one booth had a dog, a pair of birds + an owl, too! they even put on a very entertaining show for every kid to enjoy! it was also a good thing the people manning the Zoomanity group booth were kind enough to allow me to pet the bird + hold it in my teensy weensy hands! + i really had a wonderful time doing it! can you tell by the look on my face? 😛

i can only imagine how it will be like if i get to pet a bird or any animal every single day. i bet we’ll have loads of fun! ooh, i cannot wait to have my own! do you think mum would agree if i ask her to buy me a pet now? 🙂

time for you to share your animal doodles {or any doodles you might have will do, too}  with us. do not forget to include any of our doodle badges + visit all the other participants. i shall wait for your doodles then! happy Sunday! ^_^

 second image is from the Zoomanity Facebook Page

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4 Habits that Are Killing Your Budget

all those grown-up stuffs, budget

Habits, good or bad, can be incredibly hard to break, but there are a few that may be doing some major damage to your budget. It’s worth spending some time (and maybe even money) to break these habits to free up some cash in your monthly budget.

all those grown-up stuffs, budget


Not only is smoking terrible for your health and the health of those around you, it’s incredibly expensive. In major cities, packs can go for upwards of $10 and at a pack a day, that is around $300 each month or $3,600 each year. Essentially, if you give up smoking, you’ll be giving yourself a $5,000 annual raise (before taxes). That’s not even including all of the additional savings you’ll gain from better health, fewer doctor’s visits, and fewer missed days from work.

Biting your nails

If you bite your nails, not only will your fingers hurt and you’ll find yourself with more hangnails, but you may be accustomed to going to the nail salon to get them fixed from time to time. While a manicure and pedicure can be a nice treat once in a while, it’s expensive to make it a regular occurrence. A manicure/pedicure costs anywhere from $20 – $40, a huge budget buster if you’re going on a regular basis!

Skipping the gym

Working out is great for your health, both physical and mental. However, be realistic if you have a gym membership that isn’t getting any use and just cancel it. The gym appreciates the fact that it’s making a lot of money off of your monthly membership fee but your wallet won’t!

Eating out

Whether it’s your daily lunch, cup of coffee or takeout dinner after a long day of work, having someone else make you something that you could otherwise make yourself at home is always going to cost you more money.

Take a look at all of these expenses and see if you can’t make a few small changes that will add up and help you save big!

Anne Perkins is a freelance writer focused on how to live large on a little living. She writes financial savings tips for QuickQuid – the cash advance lender, and enjoys taking any idea and making it easier or cheaper to complete.

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kids in doodles: trick or treating with my cousins

kids in doodles, Halloween, trick or treat, kids
yup kids in doodles is up a bit late this week, but i do hope you’re all ready with your posts this lazy friday morning. before anything else, you might want to check out how our k.i.d participants last week celebrated their halloweens:

♥ sam + simon went to a school halloween party at maithankfulheart

♥ kuya kendrick dressed as batman for a halloween costume party down at smart boys

now onto this week’s topic. to join all you have to do is tell us all abou your trick or treating experiences this year!

kids in doodles, Halloween, trick or treat, kids

it was the first time i’ve donned a costume so mum was really so thrilled. it was also the first time i’ve gone trick or treating with my cousins + we really had a blast! i totally enjoyed being batman even when the costume tends to be a bit hot + i was perspiring like crazy in an air-conditioned room. the only set back, though, was that i got really scared of my cousins. kuya sean dressed as dracula + ate shane came as a scary white lady. i did not want to get near them in the beginning! 😀

the place was my tita’s office + some of her officemates’ kiddos joined in the halloween festivities! we played games {even mum played one + won}, took photos + ate. i only got a few bites of my friend chicken since i was busy being batman + playing with other kids, too!

kids in doodles, kids, Halloween, trick or treat

+ look who joined in all the fun! Jollibee prepared a fun dance number for us + went trick or treating with us, too! we rounded up all the tables in the office downstairs + even paid a visit to their warehouse next door.

kids in doodles, Halloween, kids, trick or treat

the highlight of the event will have to be the awarding of the winners for best costume. all three of us won. my cousins won second best costume + i won third place for best costume for male. not bad for a green horn, won’t you agree?

kids in doodles, kids, Halloween, trick or treat

it was really an experience i totally enjoyed. i think i won’t mind wearing a costume for every halloween from now on! i came home with a pumpkin full of candies, but i will leave those goodies for the grown-ups. the best part of my loot this year will have to be the bubbles which came in with my 3rd best costume prize! ^_^

now time for you to share your trick or treat adventure. don’t forget to grab one of these badges + add it to your posts + visit the other participants, too! i will wait for your entries then! happy friday boys + girls!

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