kids in doodles: all about pets

hello there, time again for another round of kids in doodles stories. sorry that mum was not able to post one in the last 2 weeks, we’ve been busy + been out-of-town for a 3-day vacation, too! 😉

kids in doodles, pets, out + about, my favorite things, toddlers

anyway, today our topic is all about pets. i do not own a pet yet but i really love animals so give me probably a couple of years + i shall be having one, too! am just not sure if mum will allow me to have a dog, a cat, a pair of bird perhaps or a hamster. anyhoo, anyone of those will be equally appreciated.

kids in doodles, out + about, toddler, my favorite things

i guess you might wonder where the inspiration for today’s doodle topic came from. oh well, we went to Junior Preneur bazaar in Tiendesitas a few saturdays back. it is a bazaar with little children selling stuffs + i totally enjoyed visiting there with mum. lots of fun + colorful items are on sale + there are simply loads of kids around! 😀

kids in doodles, pets, out + about, my favorite things, toddlers

kids in doodles, pets, toddler, out + about, my favorite things

one of the things i enjoyed the most are the animals. one booth had a dog, a pair of birds + an owl, too! they even put on a very entertaining show for every kid to enjoy! it was also a good thing the people manning the Zoomanity group booth were kind enough to allow me to pet the bird + hold it in my teensy weensy hands! + i really had a wonderful time doing it! can you tell by the look on my face? 😛

i can only imagine how it will be like if i get to pet a bird or any animal every single day. i bet we’ll have loads of fun! ooh, i cannot wait to have my own! do you think mum would agree if i ask her to buy me a pet now? 🙂

time for you to share your animal doodles {or any doodles you might have will do, too}  with us. do not forget to include any of our doodle badges + visit all the other participants. i shall wait for your doodles then! happy Sunday! ^_^

 second image is from the Zoomanity Facebook Page


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    jared, you look absolutely happy on the third picture. can’t help but smile looking at the photos. your mum should get you one for Christmas!

    mum vix, thanks for adding me on the linky. have a great week ahead!

    Jared's Mum Says:

    i sure am! 😉

    thanks for joining! ^_^

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    Too bad we missed this event. I bet Henry would have been excited to see all those animals too.

    Wow! This is one fun day for you, I bet. I hope my boy would be just as interested in pets as you are when he grows up.

    […] kids in doodles: all about pets […]

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