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kids in doodles: happy new year!

can you believe that it has already been a year? time does fly when one is having fun + that is exactly what happened this year! we had a lot of fun, ayt? 😉 by the way, thanks to our participants last week for linking up their doodles: 1. the burritos at kids e-connection 2. Iris […]

friday playdate with rylan

last friday  we went to activefun  for yet another play date with my pareng rylan {check out our previous playdate here}.  to say that we had a blast is actually an understatement! we totally enjoyed the experience + since we do not get to do this quite often, we made the most of the time by […]

merry christmas to all!

from my little corner to yours, here is wishing you all a very merry christmas! ^_^