kids in doodles: happy new year!

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can you believe that it has already been a year? time does fly when one is having fun + that is exactly what happened this year! we had a lot of fun, ayt? 😉 by the way, thanks to our participants last week for linking up their doodles:

1. the burritos at kids e-connection

2. Iris by Shengkay

hopefully we’ll be able to hear from you again next year! 🙂

kids in doodles, occasions, greetings, happy new year

anyway, time for the last k.i.d. of the year + what better way to end the year than by greeting each + everyone of you a very happy + prosperous new year! i hope to see you all next year for new rounds of fun doodle stories! remember to be safe and steer clear of firecrackers. am all set with my brand spankin’ new horn just for the occasion and i’ve just learned how to blow it last night! 😉

happy new year everyone! ^_^

don’t forget to link up your new year’s greetings + add one of these badges on your post! hop on to the other participants + lets make this a one big party! we’ll be waiting for your entries! 🙂

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friday playdate with rylan

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last friday  we went to activefun  for yet another play date with my pareng rylan {check out our previous playdate here}.  to say that we had a blast is actually an understatement! we totally enjoyed the experience + since we do not get to do this quite often, we made the most of the time by playing, playing + playing some more! 😀

kids, out + about, playdate, playtime, colorful things

we went to the big slide over + over, we swam with loads of colorful swimballs and played to our little hearts’ content. our mums also thought we were big enough to play on our own so they  pretty much left us to ourselves while they chat away the afternoon in one corner of the play area while they keep an eye on us.

kids, out + about, playtime, playdate, colorful things

we are roaming all over the play ground and explored one part of it after another. we climbed colorful stairs after another + threw balls all around, too! when we were all tired + sweaty {in my case, at least}, we find this quite corner of the play area to sit + play with interactive toys.

kids, out + about, playtime, playdate, colorful things

we capped the day by strolling around the mall + taking photographs with the beautiful christmas decorations. it was truly one enjoyable day + hopefully we can do it again next time! 🙂

this is my entry to this week’s


image courtesy of tita moi, except for the third one 🙂

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