meeting snoopy for the first time

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i do not really know who snoopy was until mum + i attended this kiddie fashion show in glorietta a few weeks back. snoopy, i found out is a dog, and is also one famous comic character. did you know he’s been around for 60 years already? that old, right? 🙂

anyway, i was not able to meet the actual mascot, he did a number of great dance numbers for us that day + was probably tired at the end of the show, but i’m glad i was able to pose with this snoopy statue. and get to visit his new store, the beagle place, too. a lot of other kids were also in attendance + a number of them did a great fashion show wearing snoopy clothes + stuffs.

mum said we will be back soon so she can get me a matching snoopy shorts + tee, i cannot wait! 😉

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8 Responses to “meeting snoopy for the first time”

    when i was in highschool, jared, snoopy was so popular, along with hello kitty. i have stickers and notebooks imprinted with both characters. ah, those were the days.

    visiting here by the way via wednesday whites for my other blog. enjoy the rest of the week and remember to tag me in KID. ;D

    Jared's Mum Says:

    will do tita mai, thanks + you have a great week to, or whatever’s left of it! 🙂

    aw.. snoopy is the most popular dog i think. love him and charlie brown. fave cartoon when i was little

    visiting from WW

    Awww! Sis Jared is getting so big and handsome too 🙂 Yes! Snoopy is a dog from Charlie Brown just like Momi Emzkie said 🙂 Dropping by from Wednesday Whites 🙂

    Jared's Mum Says:

    so big really! + thanks for saying am so handsome! visiting your entry next! ^_^

    hi there again, jared and mum. doing my second round for wednesday whites. hope all is well.

    Yes, snoopy’s quite old! hahaha.. he was so popular when I was in HS also. Love this photo of you, jared! that smile is just gorgeous! thanks for joining Wednesday Whites!

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thanks much, tita Raya! ^_^ will be joining again for this week!


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