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g is for gnomeo

  mum downloaded this film a few days back + it is now my current favorite. seen it about 6 times already! ^_^ can you blame me? i find the gnomes rather cute + the catchy songs also added to the charm of this diminutive characters’ big adventure! mum said the story was based on […]

kids in doodles: number fun

i have learned how to count and read numbers early last year + since then i am counting as much as i can + identifying numbers whenever possible. i started with 1 to 10 + now i can count up to 40 + hopefully before this year ends, i can count up to a hundred […]

f is for firetruck!

i told you  about our recent trip to manila to see the celebration of chinese new year with our own eyes, right? i did not tell you that apart rom the many things that we saw that day, i also got to see this cool purple firetruck parked very near the church and the street […]