g is for gnomeo

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mum downloaded this film a few days back + it is now my current favorite. seen it about 6 times already! ^_^ can you blame me? i find the gnomes rather cute + the catchy songs also added to the charm of this diminutive characters’ big adventure!

mum said the story was based on an old tragedy that was written by someone named shakespeare, she told me to read the book when i grow up, too! for this movie, however, the tragic ending was changed into a better one by ending the age-old fight against the reds {the capulets} + the blues {the montagues} and gnomeo + juliet being together.

added treat was the voice used for juliet’s father was the same one who brought one of my favorite characters, finn mcmissile, to life!

go download a copy if you have not see the film yet, i know you like it as much as i did! 😉

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kids in doodles: number fun

kids in doodles, early learning, learning, numbers

i have learned how to count and read numbers early last year + since then i am counting as much as i can + identifying numbers whenever possible. i started with 1 to 10 + now i can count up to 40 + hopefully before this year ends, i can count up to a hundred + learn how to do little math, too! 🙂

kids in doodles, early learning, learning, numbers

anyway, i’d like to share this cool gift i got from mum’s friend, tita moi, last christmas. it was a counting numbers board puzzle, perfect for learning about numbers! it was a fun game + all i have to do is match up the written numbers with the objects of the same number. mum helped me to count the different colorful object that include violin, fishes, balls, pens + stuff, so that i can match them with the correct number.

kids in doodles, early learning, learning, numbers

learning about numbers sure has never been this fun! thank you tita moi + rylan for this wonderful gift! ^_^

so how do you learn about numbers + what do you do to make numbers fun? share your doodles with us, including your tips + your funny anecdotes. do not forget to include one of our badges in your post, link up + visit our other playmates + make this a party! 🙂

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f is for firetruck!

i told you  about our recent trip to manila to see the celebration of chinese new year with our own eyes, right? i did not tell you that apart rom the many things that we saw that day, i also got to see this cool purple firetruck parked very near the church and the street celebration.  i love firetrucks, in fact, red from the cars movie is one + he is one of my favorite characters! normally firetrucks are colored red and this is actually the first time i’ve seen a purple one. mum said the person who sponsored for these firetrucks is way too fond of the color purple, so i guess there is no wonder he wanted his firetrucks in the same shade! 🙂

i think they are kinda cool and imagine a street line with purple firetrucks? i bet a lot of people will love it! too bad i was not able to ride the firetruck, but mum wasted no time in taking my picture beside it. hope you like it!  🙂

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