d is for driver

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i went out on a playdate with my cousins again last sunday. we had a wonderful time playing together + what we actually enjoyed the most is riding those fun arcade rides and those motorcycles, too! we were drivers for a day + what more can little kids like us ask for? πŸ˜‰

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captain sean on his ship πŸ˜‰

we took turns riding the boat, an airplane + a cool red car {which reminds me so much of my fave, lightning mcqueen!}, so we were captains, + drivers, + pilots for a day. you bet i had a wonderful time, i rode most of them over + over, until we ran out of tokens! πŸ˜€ even ate shane enjoyed the rides!

out + about, weekend, family, playtime

little equestrian ate shane, horsing around

after we tried all the rides available, we went and checked out those cool pocket motorcycles-for-rent, which was just in front of the arcades. although, someone had to assist me while riding since i cannot control the motorcycle on my own yet, it was really quite a fun experience. we’ve even put these cool helmets on before mounting our rides. made us feel like real drivers, won’t you agree? πŸ˜‰

i will tell you more about our fun playdate in another post.

enjoy the rest of your weekend! ^_^

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3 Responses to “d is for driver”

    you have a beautiful ate and handsome kuya. that was so much fun! visiting here for ABC Wednesday.

    Jared's Mum Says:

    thank tita mai, i will let them know you said that! πŸ˜€

    looks like lots of fun!



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