kids in doodles: my very first boat ride

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i went on my very first boat ride 2 sundays ago with my family. we left the pier at 6 in the evening just in time to view the famous sunset in manila bay. it was beautiful! i consider this my very first boat ride since the time weΒ we went to check out the mv logos hope last year do not actually counts since the ship isn’t moving! πŸ˜€

family time, cars + other vehicles, weekend, family time, kids in doodles, out + about, Jared's Firsts

riding a boat is much like riding a car or a jeep except that instead of cruising on the road, we are actually wading through the water + you’d get a bit wobbly sometimes especially when there is a particularly big wave ahead. our cruise includes a dinner buffer so i was feasting on my fave, pancit, while enjoying this new experience.

family time, cars + other vehicles, weekend, family time, kids in doodles, out + about, Jared's Firsts

we even get to see a bit more of the shore and the nearby areas when we checked out the upper deck after eating. you can see the dark sky + the stars, too! they were all so interesting to look at.

i really enjoyed this experience + mum said we will ride a boat again when we visit the beach, i cannot wait! πŸ™‚

got any interesting doodles to share? link up so we can read all about it!

image credit goes to my tita jinky πŸ™‚

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the $50 paypal cash giveaway by geshery

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we have a new playmate in town + she’s making her presence felt by giveawayΒ $50 paypal credits?

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j is for jed’s

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summer has officially started + what better way to beat the heat than by going for a swim! we just got back from our overnight swimming with my cousins, their parents + friends at jed’s island resort! of course, i had a great time bonding with my kuya sean + ate shane, we enjoyed swimming in the pool together and later on giving the wave pool a try. it was my first time to try a wave pool + it was so much fun. it felt as if you were actually on a beach with the waves! i really had a wonderful time wading in the water as the waves crash in! πŸ™‚

i had a wonderful time swimming that mum actually found it real hard to take me out of the pool once i have dipped in. i was always the last to come out. the pool is a bit deeper for kids my age good thing there was this shallow part of the pool where we can stay. of course, i also had my floaters on either side of my shoulders at all times for safety purposes.

out + about, weekend, family, family time, summer

what can i say, it was really so hot + taking long swim in the pool is just the best way to cool down. we originally planned to just go for a day swim but we really enjoyed it + decided to stay the night with the rest of my cousins + their company. we passed the time watching all our favorite cartoons on disney junior + playing. + since our room was air-conditioned we also had quite a goodnight sleep.

out + about, weekend, family, family time, summer

the next day, we spent the entire morning until about lunchtime out in the sun, exploring the other pools inside the resort + having some of our photos taken. apart from swimming, there are also a lot of huge displays of familiar characters here which you can photograph with. there ironman + his avenger gang, shrek, mickey mouse, spongebob + a whole lot more. we were quite busy that i only get a chance to have my photo taken with some of the giant displays on our way out of the resort.

it was such a wonderful weekend + i simply cannot wait to hit the water again real soon! πŸ˜‰

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