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kids in doodles: we just watched ironman3!

  hello there! how’s everyone doing? i am having quite a very busy summer. first, there’s my swimming class to keep me occupied + we also have a number of activities planned for this summer, on the side. one of which is watching the new super hero movie, ironman 3. i cannot stop thinking about […] Speed Racing Car Giveaway

  Sponsored by: Hosted by: Working MAMA and I am Vince Crispaul cars are my absolute faves that is why when mum saw this giveaway sign up a few days ago she immediately signed up + join. nothing beats giving away one cool car toy to a lucky reader here, right? this speed racing […]

kids in doodles: meeting these cartoon characters

howdy! time for another round of kids in doodles stories + today am sharing with you our cool experience at the sm cartoon fest 2 saturdays back! i did mention we are meeting spongebob, but apart from him, we have also come face-to-face with loads of other cartoon characters, including: batman + the other justice […]